Authentic, quality, all natural baked goods that combine the hearty, traditional German style of baking known the world over with the California health-conscious lifestyle.


We use our hands.

At Esther’s, we bake authentic, old-world German products the traditional way. We don't use shortcuts in the baking process. All our baked goods are made by hand. Also, our ingredients are brought in direct from Germany to ensure Esther's baked goods have the same taste that has endured through the centuries. 


Our products have a limited shelf life, like they’re supposed to... This means you’re eating food!

Our products are all natural, with no added preservatives or chemicals. Our whole grain and whole wheat, organic ingredients are sourced from the finest suppliers in Germany or right here in our backyard in California. Simply because an ingredient is stamped organic, it doesn't mean it's organic, and it doesn't mean it's the best. We scoured the countryside in both Germany and here in the US with the sole purpose of combining the best and highest quality ingredients available with our most beloved recipes. Our award-winning master baker did the rest. Early each morning, our products leave our bakery warm from the oven for delivery, and we shelve our breads personally at our retail partners so you get the highest quality and most authentic products.


Whether you want something healthy in the pantry you can grab during a busy day, or you’re hosting a hearty meal with family and friends, look no further than Esther’s German Bakery.