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Customer Testimonials

I just purchased my first baked goods from Esther’s Bakery at JJ&F Market. We wanted to let you know how much our family loved them. My children aged 4 and 5 ½ adored your apple strudel and Crunchy Sticks. My husband and I enjoyed your pretzels and mountain bread. All items were superb!!!

Thanks for such enjoyable products!

Susan F.

I wanted to pass along a huge compliment for LaShawn’s excellent customer service during the Grand Opening of the Farmers’ Market at the Crocker Galleria in San Francisco. It was a huge success and the line for Esther’s breads was non-stop from 11 am-3pm….Simply put, the entire staff at the Galleria was impressed with LaShawn’s service along with your freshly baked breads….

Nicole D.
Retail Manager - Crocker Galleria
Cushman& Wakefield

Let me echo my sentiment for getting us products in such short notice. Not only did we love the bread but we were wowed by your customer service. Since we share similar food and service values, I think we will be wonderful business partners for years to come.

John D.
Food Service Manager

Hello and good afternoon, thanks again for the sampling today, we are already big fans of your products!

Jim G.
F & B Purchasing

My name is Roy P. and I have been enjoying your Sportler Brot for quite some time! I have been in search of “the ultimate loaf of bread” for years and I think I have finally found it!...
So, your bread takes me back to my days in Germany!
Keep up the good work!

Roy W. P.

Hello Esther,
I got a loaf of your bread at the Bake Sale. It is unbelievable!!! Where can I buy your bread?

Carolyn G.

Thank you for your products. My mother is from Munich and has lived here since 1957. The one thing she has missed almost as much as her beloved alps is the breads and pretzels. When I bought some of our pretzels for her visit a few weeks ago, she was ecstatic! We went back to Draeger’s every day of her stay and made sure we were there shortly after delivery. …

I recently bought your Knusperstangen which she, my sister-in-law and I love. I now have to make a run to Draeger’s any time I’m going to my mom’s or sister-in-law (neither live in the area). I haven’t tried your breads yet, but I’m sure they will be equally as wonderful.

Anyway, long story to say thanks and please don’t stop baking these delicious goods. The only improvement would be if you provided mail order (for my mom and sister-in-law) or delivered to Napa.

Susan H.
CEO’s Office HP

We love your German Pretzels, especially the round ‘bellies’ you make with the same dough. Feels like being back home in Switzerland….

Thanks for the long awaited specialties you bake!


…vielen Dank für die tollen Brezeln, Knusperstangen und natürlich die Laugenweck. Unsere Gäste waren begeistert. Ich kann sie zum Glück täglich genießen.
Liebe Grüsse,

Thanks for making the special effort to deliver pretzels and bee sting cake to IDEO for our workshop.
Both items were a big hit.
With much appreciation
Tamara & the IDEO team

On behalf of the German American Chamber of Commerce, Bfai and Invest in Germany, we would like to thank you for providing us with such delightful and tasty items at our Grand opening Reception on …The guests enjoyed your pastries and breads and continued to talk about them afterwards, I have even been asked numerous times where you are located and how they can purchase your ‘echte Deutsche Brezeln’ and ‘Bienenstich’. I tell them all about your company and will continue to recommend you and shall we ever need such wonderful things for another event I know whom to call.
Many thanks and best wishes for your success.
Vielen Dank,

Dahlia K.
German American Chamber Of Commerce Inc.

Guten Tag,

Your breads were a big hit yesterday with all my clients..
My Los Altos Hills client was wowed by your beautiful basket of rolls – and the ‘sunflower’ was spectacular!
A bientot,


Hello Esther, hello Robert,

Thanks so much for all the yummy bread! I didn’t know that you packed up so much more delicious items. Super! The breads were very popular and disappeared in no time and they were the ‘star’ of the evening. A lot of people asked where they can get your baked goods. I can only follow. Thanks a lot! We definitely will order from you again for when a event comes up.

Many regards
Christiane C.
Stanford German Student Ass.

Could you send a list of your distributors?...I find that I cannot live without your breads.

Regan N.

Dear folks at Esther’s bakery,
Let me congratulate you on your marvelous baked goodies! Having lived in Muenchen for three years, being able to savor echte Brezn again is a real treat) after fourteen years!). And your Hefezopf is absolutely divine.
Brings back memories of afternoon coffee…The Steiner bread is the first real Schwarzbrot I have ever encountered in CA (which isn’t pre-packaged), and it is to die for!...

Katharina W.

I am a huge fan of your hazelnut swirl breakfast (or anytime) bread!!! It is absolutely delicious-not too sweet-
My husband is a big fan too (and thanks to your bread, getting bigger! ;-)

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing you at the Crocker Galleria Farmers’ Market next Thursday!

Pattie O.

Ich möchte Ihnen nur mitteilen, wie gut Ihr Brot ist und (wenn mein Gewicht es erlauben wuerde) wuerde ich all den Bienenstich, Mohnstrudel… In mich hineineschlingen. Es ist wunderbar Sie hier mit Ihren Produkten zu wissen. Ich bekomm immer ein wenig Heimweh, wenn ich Ihren Stand sehe.

Machen Sie bloss weiter so!

Gabi von I.